Need spare parts

I was hoping they might be listed on the site shop, but no luck :frowning:

I need opto-couplers (CPC1017) as both mine & my boss’s units suffer the problem with AC coupling.

Also the push-switches (K1…K4) along the top, one of mine is dead.

Could you help drop a mail at, we will help send the spare parts to you via air mail. Just include a link in the mail to make sure you get them for free. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I have sent an e-mail now.

If you listed the parts in your online shop we would probably end up spending $50 on other goodies at the same time :wink:

Several e-mails promising to send parts / tracking number / apologising for not sending parts or tracking number… still no parts!

I really would happily buy parts if they were available in your shop or somewhere, I just want my DSO working. :cry:

I need spare parts also: the battery has puffed out so I have to replace it.
In the Seeed’s shop there is a similar looking 1000mAh battery pack, but it has 2mm connector while the DSO Quad uses 1.27mm.

For now, I cut off the connector from old battery and soldered it to a mobile phone battery.

I’ll followup more! Sorry for that~

At last, some bits turned up! Thanks guys.

To give feedback - I would rather have paid $10++ to buy the bits from the shop as normal rather than have to go via forums/e-mails etc. and wait/chase.