Need Some help with wio terminal


When I connected my Wio terminal to PC, PC pop up a message says that "USB device not recognized, The last USB device you connected to this computer malfunctioned, and windows does not recognized it.

If I slide the power bottom twice to get into bootloader mode works ok. Arduino drive shows up. Arduino program can find COMM port and can program ok. Once it done program the wio terminal rested and Windows can not recognize USB device shows up.

Further investigation shows that
This issue was due to I first drag circuitpython UF2 to Aduino drive but the python drive didnt show up. so I flash an arduino program onto wio terminal. That causes the USB drive not recognize error message shows up. Arduino program can not find the right COMM port after reset. If I slide the reset button twice gets back the Arduino drive. I then drag the circuitpython UF2 file to Arduino drive and the python drive shows up correctly and Arduino program can find the COMM port used by Arduino drive.

So the question so I remove the circuitpython correctly so I can reconnect to Arduino mode?

I found the issue

I was flashing a program using TFT-eSPI.h and the library conflicts and cause this problem.

consider the case close

Appreciated if I can get some help with this problem.

Have you tried reflashing it with the factory firmware?