Need some help with grove system - relay, buzzer etc

Hi Guys,

I have an etherten and a netduino, have tried doing some of the tutorials for the various sensors and really am not having any luck - what am i doing wrong?

Etherten with Grove base on top

Tried the tilt relay example ,

  • but cant get the relay to even light up (are any LED’s meant to be on when plugged into the base?)
  • tried it without the tilt switch and just have a loop every 6 seconds to turn it to low and high but nothing happens, no noise from the relay or anything
  • the buzzer i wired up to the same loop as mentioned above but no noise comes out

Tried the basic temp sensors

  • got a “value” back from the calculation provided in the sample but either something is wrong or the sensor is faulty as it was reporting 6 degrees when the room was about 22-24 degrees, even blowing warm around around it didnt change it as expected, sometimes even going down in temperature

Tried the pro temp and humidty example

  • Just get the occasional timeout message reported and just 0 for the values

What am i doing wrong?



Grove-Relay: The red led will be lighted when it is used.

[code]void setup()
pinMode(6, OUTPUT);

void loop()

digitalWrite(6, HIGH);
digitalWrite(6, LOW);



[code]void setup()
pinMode(9, OUTPUT);

void loop()

digitalWrite(9, HIGH);
digitalWrite(9, LOW);


if your board is the version of 1.1 , you need modify something.

please open your libraries:


#ifndef W5100_H_INCLUDED
#define W5100_H_INCLUDED

#include <avr/pgmspace.h>
#include <SPI.h>

//#define W5200 //please add "//"before this code.

#ifdef W5200
#define MAX_SOCK_NUM 8
#define MAX_SOCK_NUM 4


Attention:You need plug your Ethernet into netduino directly , because our base shield has no ISP port, but your Ethernet should plug into the port of netduino.

And you use tem or pro temp and humidty separately? Not combine them to ethernet together?
I thought it is used simply separately,isn’t it?

If you use Relay ,buzzer,or tem with ethernet together,could you show your code to us?