Need help with uploading code.


I’m new to Arduino and have a bit of a problem. I made a little robot for a school project using ultrasonic sensors and the like to avoid obstacles. The robot works just fine as it’s supposed to. There’s a tiny problem of me forgetting to upload the new version of the code I wrote to make it work a bit slower. My issue is that the Arduino Mega that I used on my robot is very much securely placed in the chassis and removing it would cause me to redo all the wires and assembling. I need to upload my new code without access to the usb connection. I have access to the TX and RX pins on the board and I also have a Uno with me. Is there any way for me to connect the Uno to my PC upload the code to that and then send it to the Mega via the communication pins?

Thank You in advance!


You need to programme the Arduino Mega with Arduino UNO right?

Hi, if you’ve resolved the problem, could you tell me how to upload the code, please?