Need help with Eagle Cad?

This is the board.

Here’s the deal. I’m not looking for a fancy board with silk screen all over it. I generally etch my own boards, and I like to place my pads on the grid, and wire it my self. I do not like to add-part…wire it…etc, etc. But, I need some help with mask.

Correct me if im wrong. I need to add an bstop (bottom solder stop) layer on my board? How do I do this, so it doesnt cover the pads? I would imagen if i just did a solid solder mask, it would make the whole board all green, and the pads to solder to, would be…Green, not solder.

From the stage I have (100% single sided), what must be done from this point to fabricate it?
I have the dimension frame around it
I plan to add some solder mask (Mainly just name of board, order number, revision, etc
Plan to add solder mask (solder stop?) so its all green, not raw copper.

Please help!

By the wording of your question you seem to be thinking that tStop/bStop works the opposite way it actually does; areas in tStop/bStop define where the solder mask doesn’t go because by default it will cover the entire board. You need to duplicate your pad shapes and then set them in either or both of the tStop/bStop layers.

When you’re working on this make sure you turn on the visibility of the tStop/bStop layers. If your pads look like the pads for standard parts then you’re doing it right. As an added verification step make sure you open your developed Gerber files with a Gerber viewer and give them an additional review.