Need help with calibrating my DSO Quad

I’m using HW 2.6, APP 2.53 & SYS 1.51. I tried the calibrate proceed outlined in “v26 Manual 0.92b”, mine here automatically does the Zero and Diff procedure. After the Zero and Diff are finished, I connected my probe to my voltage source, dialed in 0.275 V and my DSO shows 4.64V in the 50mV-Voltage cell. That seems way off but I adjust the value down to match my 0.275V source. I continued to follow the directions for all the voltages except the last one I could only go to 33V. After saving the calibration, my voltage reading with my DSO are way off. It’s as if I’m using a 10x probe, which I’m not. Grounding the probe does not show 0V either.

So am I missing something obvious or what has not been mentioned in the manual that I need to know?

So I did more reading, searching and poking around. The version of APP-2.53 that I am using I found on one of the forum posts, it has the extra options FAUTO, FSCAN & FNORM in the Sync Mode menu but this version does not seem to have a functioning calibration program. Whereas the latest versions download-able on the main firmware release post, APP-2.53, doesn’t have those Sync Mode options anymore but I can nicely calibrate ch A but not ch B. Ch B’s reading while trying to cal jump around, a lot.

Is there a beta APP firmware that I could try?