Need Help on Choosing components for Project


I need some professional help for my project, I want to make a small room for sleeping baby. I want to put there temperature sensor, sound sensor and cam.

What else i need to buy for my project?

You can use our GROVE System. View at :

There are lot of sensor you can use.
And what cam do you want?Please tell us more detail about your project.

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Hi! Thank you for your reply.

I want to use webcam with wi-fi or with cable connection, its not so big problem. it will be just a prototype project, so i dont need everything be best, working is enough for me…

I will make a small cube, 55 x 35 x35 cm, inside i will put small bed and sensors (temperature for setting and keeping wanted temp) (sound for taking warnings in case when child cries.) and cam for watching what child is doing there… so general project is like that. outside of cube there will be a control panel where i could set temp, see warning (LED) and watch inside from small screen.

something like that… … th=132_134
This TFT shield can solve the real-time monitoring of the project.
But we have not any cam to use for real-time monitoring. … th=144_152
This one only can record some picture.