Need help for interfacing multiple Grove Sensors on Rpi

Hello All,

I am trying to connect two(and possibly more) Grove 6-Axis Accelerometer and Gyroscope (v1.0 based on the LSM6DS3 chip) via the Grove Pi +(v3.0 01/11/2016) on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. However, this is creating an issue, since the sensors share the same I2C address. After scouring through the net the only feasible solution was to use an I2C multiplexer. But, it seems that Seeed does not have any such product. There was also another solution which requires some hardware manipulations (working with the SDO/SA0 pin). But this is insufficient as I am planning to scale my system to have atleast 6 such Grove accelerometer sensors.

I have invested a lot of time and effort in acquiring various Grove related hardware in hopes of building my system. Can anyone please provide me with any alternative solution or a Grove based I2C multiplexer product?




You can do that by solder jumper labelled J1 and it is normally connected to GND, but you could cut the trace between the middle pad and GND, and then make a solder blob to bridge the middle pad to 3.3V. Just make sure you don’t end up with a bridge from GND to 3.3V or you’ll let the smoke out.


From datasheet : -

Original answer :<LINK_TEXT text=“ … me-i2c-bus”></LINK_TEXT>