Need help converting brick board MQ-7 sensor to PPM values

Hi guy,
I bought a Temperature sensor brick board ( … p-470.html). It connects fine and and data is flowing through nicely, however all my values are for e.g:

Can someone help me to calibrate the POT and write a code for calculating the PPM values?


Please refer to this datasheet:


I’m not an expert and I don’t understand this datasheet :confused:
This is my first time working with elettronics component and I cannot find the system that generating code.

Can you help me?

frist , transfer this data to a voltage value : if you use the Atmega 168 and ues the 5V standard, then 150 *5V /1024 = 0.73V

The surface resistance of the sensor Rs is obtained through effected voltage signal output of the load resistance RL which series-wound. The relationship between them is described: Rs\RL = (Vc-VRL) / VRL

And you need to test the sensor resistance at 100ppm CO in the clean air , then you can check the diagram Rs/Ro to work out the ppm.

take note of that : the sensor need to be warm-up more than 48 hour ( Turn on the power, keep preheating through electricity over 48 hours)

If you just want to do an alarm check, which only a rough threshold is needed, you could measure the voltage of corresponding environment, and use this value to judge.

This is a industrial level sensor, some calibration is needed to get precision.

…sorry but what can I do to test the sensor at 100ppm if I don’t know the values before that? Can I understand that the air is clean without the sensor works right?


Hi Esp,
thanks for your suggests, but I need to get the ppm values number because I’m going to interfacing my seeeduino board with sharing website. :wink:


i think the Ro that the sensor resistance should be in the datasheet befor , but i can not found it there… and the datasheet suggest that to adjust it in 200ppm , so i think it means that you need to do this include getting the Ro … "how to test the sensor resistance at 100ppm ", i am not very sure that , so sorry cann’t give you more help.