Need hardware suggestions for image recognition project


I am pretty new to all this and had a project I would like to execute. I was wondering if you guys were able to suggest the right board and other hardware for my use case .

I have 10,000 unique images and a title for each of them. I would like to have a small battery powered wireless device which I take a picture with and it tells me which one of the 10,000 images I’m looking at and display it’s title on a small screen.

I would like this to be a offline device.

I would appreciate any suggestions for what hardware would be most suited for this. Thanks in advance

Hi there,
It sounds to me Like you need to get a chair and watch the CEO and the LIVE stream tomorrow Night at 7Pm to see what stuff they have coming , Definitely can do it.
I would start by looking through the wiki of this :v:

The TensorFlow can easily handle the object identification…
Depending on the camera and budget , accuracy is based on how well it is trained AFAIK.
GL :slight_smile: PJ