Need confirmation on dead signal generator.

I received my DSO Nano a few weeks back and almost everything has been working great. I played around with it. I was using the oscilloscope, the SD card, I am able to move through the menus without any issues.

My only problem is the signal generator. I does not give out any signal at all. I was wanting to play around with is by just connection the oscilloscope probes to the signal generator pins, but no activity showed up on the screen. I played around with it more thinking I was doing something wrong. I watched videos and searched through various forums and no one else had this issue and I was in fact doing everything that I was supposed to do.

I decided to upgrade to the BenF firmware, and that still did not make a difference. Finally, just for the hell of it, I decided to do a continuity test on the signal generator and to my surprise that positive lead from the signal generator had full continuity to the ground of both the oscilloscope probe and the signal generator.

I’m fairly certain that this just must be a defective unit, but before seeedstudio will warranty it they want more confirmation.

Thank you very much.

Here is a picture of it.

Hi there,

I see your photo, so suggest you can send it back and we would repair it for you.

Best regards,