Nano Wiring Board...

So I’ve developed a very small wiring board, if you aren’t familiar it’s what the Arduino is based of, the IDE is almost identical, but it uses an atmega 128 so you have 54 ins and outs. It’s not the most popular but I was looking for something small, breadboard-able with lots of in/outputs.

Yes there is the Wiring Mini, which is small but doesn’t have a built in USB, so then you lose more space for the USB. MY board has everything built on and is still very small, about as small as it can get with the headers and chip, how small is that, it’s just a hair (I do mean hair) over 1"x3" Here is a pic of the board layout.

It has a prewired output to an LED just like the arduino’s pin 13, power LED, ISP port, reset switch, dedicated VCC and GND pins, same serial USB support as an Arduino, 8 Analog ins, and 5 banks of 8 digital in/outputs and a full regulated power supply that can handle anywhere from 5 to 15 volts (12 preferably though for max) so quite a bit for a 1"x3" rectangle

Now there were a couple problems with that board, a missing ground, so short though you could just solder jump it, and the wiring of the power plug which also can be easily fixed, when it’s fixed I’ll be sure to add this into the forge.

Of course now there is the Arduino Mega, but still nothing breadboard-able like this with this much in and out.

I’ll post pics of one later alone and on a breadboard.

Here is a pic of the real thing.

Great work~ Would it be switch the place of FT232 and Reset button? It might be a little vulnerable for the SMT pins on the edge.

How about stock and distribute by Seeed Studio? :slight_smile: Let us know your interested way~

I would buy one if they were available through the store. im not to savvy on the surface mount soldering so an assembled version would be more awesome, but i could easily be talked into a kitted version :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t be a problem to move the FT232 and I did try to keep it as much through hole as possible, it’s not to bad to solder though.

I’d be happy to supply a parts list, everything came from digikey, and there are a couple things I would like to remove, I really don’t believe the 32 mhz crystal is needed but I have to experiment with some fuse settings, also I really don’t see the need for the x3 port.

Edit: Ok be kind of like this…

I added an extra VCC and GND pin at the other end for better ease of hook up

Though I have something else in the works that might be better then this, albeit a bit larger but not much an inch or so.