NANO v3 4.32fw Vpp website or manual wrong?

I know this is an old issue but I find myself having some concerns over the fact that there is no good solid yes or no on what the max Vpp is. I have contacted seedstudio support and even minidso service via email and get different answers. It seem that some dont know the difference from Vp and Vpp. Even seed studio website has 2 different answers.

One on the main page of the dso nano v3, it states 40Vpp x1 and 400Vpp x10. However the manual they have at the bottom of the page clearly states 80Vpp x1.

While our conversation via email ,they sent me a photo of what appeared to be the side of a box that say +/- 40Pk and wording that stated “as seen in this picture the volatge is 40Vmax”. Seems odd. Not sure if this they don’t know themselves or whoever writes the website cant read what the manual says.