Nano v2 Questions

Received the Nano v2 with lib 2.22 and app2.40, no manual and it would not even turn on. Examined several manuals on line, none of which were directly like the nano in my hand but were able to get me going. Several functions are a mystery to me but the most glaring are adjusting duty cycle, the absence of an inset window showing parameters and other settings such as trigger values producing any visible action. I have read part of this forum and see nothing on HOW to download v 3.52 by BenF or even where to find it. Anyone care to steer me somewhere besides a cliff? Har, har!


PS: I got it to turn on by hooking up to 5 vdc via USB cable. Thought the battery was either dead or not connected. It was both charged and connected.

pls ref:
viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1705,here is the latest firmware.
and : … h=174,here is how to download the firmware.
BenF V3 Firmware Users Guide.rar (304 KB)

Thanks, Huge Man! But the ref appears to have a garble in it…what is the character after 12? Also, there seem to be some stuff missing from the seeedstudio link. Maybe you could fill me in. Pretend I am a four-year old!


PS: DISREGARD ALL FORGOING EXCEPT FOR, “Thanks!” I figured out the links and how to get to them!

sorry for my poor english…what do you means by “what is the character after 12”?
first ,you should download the latest firmware. include app.dfu and lib.dfu .they are in the first link as i showed to you.
second,download the material that will show you how to download the app.dfu and lib.dfu to your DSO in the sencond link i showed to you called : “•Manual download” and follow it’s steps…

the “Benf V3 firmware used guide” will show you how to operate you DSO…

Huge Man, your english is just fine! My problem with your links was I did not realize they were automatic until I got the cursor near them and the underline showed up! Your links worked perfectly once I figured out how to use them. I will have to study the references carefully before I plug the scope in for an upgrade in BenF’s version. I do NOT want to get a blank screen on the scope!