Nano v2 - probe upgrade to x10 - Is this normal?

Got my Nano v2 today… Amazed how small, yet readable it is… I put it through its setps and
upgraded to v3.43 and everything is working great…

I do have a question though, I am upgrading to x10 probes (via BNC converter) and I got the following

x1 display (1v/div 100us/div)

Looks fine, is there a way to get rid of the little peaks? calibration?

x10 display (2v/div 200us/div)

Now, this by no way looks right, when I adjust the screw on the probe, it will just flatten
out the top and bottom. Do I need to perform any adjustments on the Nano besides
changing the attn to x10?

Thank you

got my nano v1 a few days ago…

with normal probe (stereo phono jack/shielded mono wire/alligator clip/IC clip) , when I “see” the internal square wave gen (1KHz) , thats how it looks also (though yours has LESS of those peaks)… when I switched my scope settings for 10x , I get something similar to your other post (no peaks but soft tops)…

You might need to adjust capacitors on corresponding scale, on 1V and 2V/div ones you mentioned, try C4. Thanks!

How does one go about doing this??

Thunderplains ,do you mean you you attan a x10 probe and 2v/div ?
if so ,pls try to replace the cap C4(820pF in PCB) with a cap of 720pF , thank you …