nano V1 help

i have a dso nano V1 that doesnt seem to be working. i cannot get it to read anything.
however, the signal generator output works. this has been confirmed by using another scope to measure it.
also confirmed that the probe is good.

could the firmware need to be reloaded? (i believe it is ver 2.2, but i dont have the scope infront of me so im not 100% sure), or is the scope most likely broken?

this is hugeman from seeedstudio. your description is too obscure, and i could not get to know what’s the matter with your Nano. maybe if you can offer me more information, i could give you some advise.


I’ve the same problem as mxxmikexx, dso nano is working (screen, buttons,…) but measure not (no reading). I test the probe, the signal to measure, the problem seems to be the dso nano.

What have we to do ?

Thanks for your help.

you just say the nano do not work, and i don’t konw what is the phenomenon of it . hardware or firmware…
if you purchae it from seeedstudio. please contact the sale service . i have PM to you , please check.


Thanks you very much for your help.

I have reply you with a PM.