Nano V1.6 2Msps

Hi all,

Im new to this forum and I have some confusing about the Msps. I want to buy a DSO Nano V1.6 from Ebay which says that the msps is 2. … 0697737703

New advantages of hardware 1.6:
2) 1Msps -> 2Msps Sampling rate (Note: Supporting firmware is being developed

Max sample rate : 1Msps 12Bits (With the supporting firmware, max sample rate is 2Msps)

Is the BenF’s firmware written to handle this 2Msps or is the ebay site just telling crap?

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As a member of seeedstudio, i have always told by the designer that the Nano sample rate is 1M :frowning: I have checked the datasheet , it is 1M


thanks for the response, I don’t get why they say that the samplerate is 2Msps.

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