mysterious credit card problem (Mastercard)

I attempted to order a 10-pc. 5x5cm “Fusion PCB” service with faster shipping, total is about $62. Using my valid USA Mastercard company credit card, valid billing address, etc. I get the below result. That message is not very informative, to say the least. What went wrong?

Payment Type Credit Card
Deal ID 000032944242
Payment Result Payment Failed! 05

EDIT: can it really be true that there is a $1500 limit on credit cards per day, from ALL CUSTOMERS COMBINED, and today’s total was already filled up? If so, at what time (GMT) does the clock reset and I can try again?

I am very sorry for the inconvenience brought. #5 error is not caused by the ‘$1500 limit’ but some other unknown reasons. We will try talk to the payment gate company, this kind of issue has been bothering us for a while. In fact PayPal is still the most popular payment method for our customers, Credit Card is only recommended to those who has problem with PayPal.

About my previous posting, I used a company credit card which it turns out, had been locked for access for overseas sellers, which explains that problem.

Anyway, yesterday I recommended you (Seeedstudio) to my boss, and he tried to buy a Seeeduino Mega from you but his valid unlocked credit card was not accepted by your website so he could not buy it. I recommend you look into your payment system. I suspect many US companies (like ours), don’t do paypal, and they could potentially be good customers (eg. larger volume than the typical individual hobbyist).

I went ahead and bought a Mega for him using my personal paypal account this time, but now I will have to do the paperwork to get my expenses reimbursed from the company on my end which is annoying. Just thought you should know; thanks.