My sensecap m1 rate day is only 0.01.... Please Help


I bought my sensecap m1 recently but rate is only 0.01/day! It says is relayed on the smartphone app, but I have turned off the firewall on my router wait for 1 day and it didn’t change nothing.

In hotspotty it says not relayed but syncining.

In attach there is a sceenshot of hotspotty, and the sencecap is located about 20km from Lisbon, and it is in his direction. The house have one floor and all the houses 10km surrounding have the same high.

I already bought a 8dbi antenna, but meanwhile it is in outdoor.

Anyone can help me PLEASE?

Did you resolve this, I have the same issue,

Hotspotty shows hotspot is syncing, Helium explorer says hotspot is relayed for the past 2 weeks. However in my Sensecap dashboard it is everything is good, not relayed and 100% synced.

Now is everything ok.
I managed in my firewall to port forward.

But I trust better in hotspotty.

Now the problem is that I didn’t receive nothing, no rewards, no beacons and whitness.

Is there any configuration I can do on hotspotty?