My Sale DHL Package was Lost

I am so sad… i got a message saying my DHL Seeed Sale package was delivered…
I ran downstairs to check and it was not there?
I called and they say they going to investigate and call me back in 2 hours…

I dont think my stuff could be replaced because it was all sale stuff!

DHL delivered to the wrong address… they said they gonna send the driver back to see if he can retreive the package… but they said dont hold my breath…

I hope you get it soon!

Just wanted to update that I am very disapointed at DHL, they delivered my package to a “large distribution center” and basicly said the place was to big to ever find my lost package and basicly refused to waste any time looking for it now i have waster over $250 on gear that was on sale and basicly irreplacable because the sale is over and the stock is depleated. Also another reason for Seeed to ship bulk to stock US and Canada warehouses. Overseas transport via DHL just cannot be trusted, and is way too expensive if they are going to care less about your package. The computer said it was delivered to my specific address, but the invoice said the distribution center… when i asked why it said it was delivered toa distribution center instead of my address, they said it was for my privacy… come to find out, the package was delivered to a distribution in the state capital, almost 2 hours away and never got anywhere close to my address… the spokeswoman from DHL said she was going to close my ticket, as if it would never be found… and i suppose it will not… Now I will see how Seeed will resolve the situation… What Da?

This is another reason why month longs sales are not a good idea, just put the gear on sale and we buy it, no more of these cat and mouse games… What Da?

So ok… In fair use, i have to report the update

DHL lost the package… I lost all my sale items, so they going to issue me a credit cupon and they extending the sale to the end of the month so i can buy more gear… I guess you cant ask for more than that… some of my gear is now out of stock… but anyway i guess I will live