My probe plug on the Nano meassures shorted

I dont really know how it happend but here we are. My signal and ground wire is shorted on the scope side somewhere. Is there a common problem/usual suspect component i should look at? Like a capasitor that shorts or a diode or something like that? I cant see anything obvious on the board like anything is burned or blown.

Ok so that was the weirdest shit ever…

Found a circuit diagram online (thanks for open source stuff) and went on a meassuring rampage. After meassuring and studying the schematics and scratching my head ALOT i went, noooooo… it cant be… Then i desoldered the plug itself. And the short was gone!

What i THINK happend here is this. I noticed there is a metal shield between the screen and the circuit board. I probed it and it s grounded. I beleive the center pin on the plug was installed juuust a little to deep. Just barely NOT touching this screen shield. So i guess the last time i plugged the cable in i must have pushed the plug upwards a bit so that the pin got pushed downwards thus touching the shield.

So made sure i wasnt to deep when i soldered it back on. All good now

So that was that…