My order stuck for 10days!


I have been working with Seeed since 2016 I never had an issue until today but I cannot resolve the issue for more than 4 days.
I cannot see my PCB Gerber files error in the system but I am receiving emails regarding I have problems with my GERBER files.
Please check my account. I cannot see any error message on the website or I didn’t receive any email explaining about the errors in my GERBER files.
My order number: 201204132002

Thanks for your collaboration

Hello Enver,

Sincere apologies and thank you for your message. We’ve checked on our side and we left two messages about the problem on the main Order History page (the page before reaching this one). Are you able to see these? If not, could you send us a screenshot of that page and we will have the IT team investigate.

Thank you so much!

Btw, the issue is about the solder mask dam. There isn’t enough space between the copper pads so we can’t make the solder mask dams.

Carmen Zheng

Hi Carmen,

Thanks for your prompt reply.
I cannot see any error messages on my SEEED page.
Here I attached my ORDER HISTORY page.

How can I upload new corrected GERBER files?


Thank you, I have forwarded the screenshot to the IT team and they are looking into it now. In the meantime, you can send us the new files to us if needed and we can upload them for you.

Apologies for the trouble and thank you for your assistance,

Carmen Zheng

We found the problem! You should be able to see the problem details now and I have also activated the re-upload option. Let me know once you have uploaded them and we’ll try to push them through to production asap.

Thank you so much!

Hi Carmen,

Thanks for your help. I couldn’t see my errors until you sent me an email.
I corrected the solder mask issue. I opened all the pads as your engineer suggested.
It should be fine now.
I resubmitted my GERBER files.
If you can push the design for production asap will be great!
I missed my deadline already!!!
Waiting for your confirmation…

Thanks for your collaboration…

Hi Carmen,

I have uploaded new files. But I didnt see any progress on my account.
Thanks for checking my files and updating me!!!

Oops, forgot to inform you. The package was dispatched last Friday and is on route. Hope they get to you soon!

Thanks Carmen for your collaboration!
Happy new year.