My device can not shown on Azure Portal

Hi All,

How can i see my device MT3620 Azure Sphere DevKit on Azure Portal within the default Active Directory? Below is the screenshot that i am expecting to see my device on my account. Could you please explain any logic if you have experts? It’s important to show my globally unique MT3620 device for my project development progress? I coloured red for important infos on my portal.




So additionally i claimed my device and i realized blik sample boyh from local development and OTA (Over The Air) according the guide properly. Everything was fine but i have to show my device on Azure Portal but i can not still. Am i wrong?



Hi kursatgol,

It is normal.

Azure Sphere Devices are managed by Azure Sphere Security Service. (Not Azure Active Directory)

Now, we can not get list of Azure Sphere Devices.

Hi Takashi,

Thank you very much for your answer. So how can we see our device on Azure Portal GUI also Azure Sphere Security Service? Is it a payable service? I don’t have any comment and information about Azure Sphere Security Service. How can I activate it and how can i claim my device to this securityservice?



Hi again Takashi,

Actually my question is that from which menu item i can show my device on azure portal below attached screen? how is the progress to recognize my device on portal?




Hi kursatgol,

We cannot get Azure Sphere Security Service information by GUI. :roll:

If you need more information, please ask MSDN forum. :wink:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … zuresphere”></LINK_TEXT>

Just out of curiosity, have to tried the Azure command line for your security details? The Azure page you have reference provides certificate information that is not apparent from your screen capture.