Music Shield

I got the Music Shield working by using Demo1, as you suggested. Is it possible to play songs by name? This Demo only plays all songs in succession. Also, are there any free pin for other usage when the shield is being used??

You can see those codes,we have defined some pins.


#include <avr/io.h>
#include <arduino.h>
////////////////////For some control pins//////////////////////////
#define BUTTON 7
////////////////////////for MMC////////////////////////////////////
#define SD_CS_PIN 10 //SD card select pin linked to pin10 of MCU

///////////////////////for vs10xx///////////////////////////////////
#define VS_XRESET A0
#define VS_DREQ A1
#define VS_XDCS A2
#define VS_XCS A3

/////////////////////for keys//////////////////////////////////////
#define KEY_VD 7
#define KEY_BK 6
#define KEY_PS 5
#define KEY_NT 4
#define KEY_VU 3

//////////////////for Green LED///////////////////////////////////////
#define GREEN_LED 8
#define GREEN_LED_ON() digitalWrite(GREEN_LED, HIGH)
#define GREEN_LED_OFF() digitalWrite(GREEN_LED, LOW)

/demo end/
Hope they would be helpful to you.

Following is the demo, and you need to modify it.
void loop()
myplayer.setPlayMode(MODE_REPEAT_ONE);//set mode to repeat to play a song
myplayer.playSong(“Best.MP3”);//play a song named with Best, Mp3
while(1);//If the mode is normal, it will stop when it finished playing all the songs in the playlist

/demo end/
If the name of your song is “XXX”,the red line of the demo you need to modify. And be care of the type of song,MP3 or wma.