Music shield

I have tried every example on o\your wiki site to get the lmusic shield up and running sometimes i get a green led and sometimes i get both a red and green led. What I do not get is any audio. My board is a Arduino Duemilanove. I have a 8 gigabyte micro sd card with one test song on it. What I have in mind is a program to run an audio track and and control switch on a relay to run an automation with the music or sound. The play music with name example seems perfect for the job but I can’t get it to work. What am I doing wrong?

Hello ,
What exactly is your problem when use music shield ?
BTW , have you used it following the wiki page ?
Adn you can just directly following the content " Demo 1: Use SD library" of wiki , ignore other contents :smiley:
Waiting for you reply.


I followed your instructions and it worked just great. Can I get to play audio tracks by name. I want to incorporate it into a program that will trip a relay to :smiley: start an automation motor then play a tract to accompany the action. Also, are there free pins on the Arduino when the music shield is being used?

You can refer to this web site: it would be helpful to you.