Music Shield wiki needs to be updated


I really struggled to get the Music Shield working and I still can’t play a MP3 with it.
I tried Demo1 and Demo2.
I tried various zips and rars scattered around different threads.
Still it fails.
The wiki should be up to date, otherwise it’s just wasting people’s time!

Here are the details:
-Arduino R2 with Music Shield v1.13
-Arduino IDE 1.0 and 1.0.5 on Linux

Demo1 complains about newSPI missing but I managed to compile Demo2.
When running it, it complains about the SD init failing though.
But the SD/listfiles example from Arduino IDE works and is able to list all the files of my 2GB Fat 16 formatted SD card
I tried a Fat16 example and it failed.

Are the v1.0, v1.13, v2.0 and v2.2 versions of the MusicShield compatible? Can they use the same software?

So please provide a simple example that at most needs a change for the different shield versions support.
And also a sample Mp3 file so I can be sure the problem doesn’t come from my MP3 files.


All libraries of music shield are different, also the schematic of music shield v1 and v2 are different. There’re all not compatible for each other, so download the right libraries according to the version of music shield. Of course, we will modify our wiki more clear, thanks for your attention.

Just download the attachment and have a try.

Jacket (86.9 KB)