Music Shield v2 problem with playOne function

hello, my name is Alessio. I’m italian.
my Music shield doesn’t open file from micro SD card when I use this function "MusicPlayer.playOne(“songName”); "
Serial monitor ( the file is can’t be open)
I use this example in the library : playWithName

while if use this example in the library : createList
the music shield working properly

I have:

Thanks for your attention. We have recognized this problem ,and we will solve it sooner. We would post the solution here if we have done it.

Thanks for your comprehension.

Update: Please download this attachment and have a try. 11/26 version
Jacket (63 KB)

I ve tried to get mofo shield get working with the craeteList sketch for arduino mega adk, duemilanove and uno. nothing worked for me. first, the serial monitor ouputted “sd error: 1” later it outputted:“sd error: 5”. then!!! ive tried the zip from last answer - worked!!! wtf again - originally, ive taken source from your github-repo and the lib didn’t wörk 4 miii. ive not compared source form zip with source from github. any simple-spoken reasons? (win 8.1, arduino 1.5.5, shield v2 08/06/2012)