Music Shield V2.2

I would like to know if some of you did something like talking parrot toy. This toy could record audio and play the recorded samples with the voice changed after some random time. Could I use Music Shield V2.2 with Arduino MEGA for this project, since the instructions say that Music Shield can do short-time recording as well. Could recorded tracks be added to Play List, play it by name and delete it? Is there any example with sound recording and playback from a playlist?


Here is the wiki, please check:

Yes, you can create a talking parrot toy using Music Shield V2.2 with Arduino MEGA. It supports short-time recording. You can add recorded tracks to a playlist, play them by name, and delete them. Explore Arduino forums and documentation for relevant examples. Good luck!

nice share, i had the same error and it was quite helpful

It’s possible. Did you proceed?