Music shield v1.2 - Unable to find the Card!

I used Diavolino with the Music shield.
I could successfully upload the v1_14 example program to the chip. But it could never initialize the SD card. I tried some other SD card example using the music shield, but they also failed on initializing the SD card.
I tried a number of micro SD cards, like Toshiba 1GB, SANDISK 8GB, Apacer and even a KingMax micro SD card. But still no success.

I tried with the original music shield example, there is no output Serial Monitor. But after I uncommented some of the println or print in mmc.cpp or even added some, I found out that the MmcCommand 0x40 could not return 0x01.

I wonder if my shield is broken or not?

Sorry for the inconvenience brought.
Micro SD card should be FAT16 or FAT32, and the size more than 2GB is not supported.

I tried mainly 3 micro SD cards which are not larger than 2GB, with brands which are Toshiba 1GB, Apacer 2GB and KingMax 2GB.
I tried also both Fat16 and Fat32 using the Toshiba 1GB and Fat16 for Apacer 2GB and KingMax 2GB. But still no success…

May I know which brands are tested? Or my music shield is defected?

We tested by this … th=178_182 SD card.