music shield V1.0


I have a question regarding Wiki for Music shield 1.0.

I want do Play all mp3 files stored on SD Card. They should be played from beginning and repeat from beginning after played the last file. In this case the “demo 1” would be right for me.

Pt 6. from Wiki

Run the arduino program compile and upload the sketch of music_v1_2 -> musicPlayAll into Arduino board

I can nowhere find a sketch named “musicPlayAll”. I have downloaded the library musicPlayer v1 and

Thanks in advance.


Hi, you can see a “creatList” demo in MusicPlayer v1.7 libraries. You can modify the code like the following…

myplayer.setPlayMode(MODE_NORMAL);//set mode to play normal

More commands you can refer to the MusicPlayer.h


thanks for reply. I am very happy. Now both, Music shield V1 and Music shield V2 works fine.


Alois Riedl

Enjoy yourself… :laughing: