[Music shield] SD card support

my music shield works fine with one sd card I have, whereas the second cannot initialise the filesystem.
These 2 cards are the same product but a few month passed between I ordered them. Both are Transcend micro SD 2GB, reference TS2GUSD-2, FAT16 formatted. The bad one is the more recent (V4.2 on the package), the good one is the older (V3.8 on the package).
It would be nice to update the music library to accept different types of sd cards, but I have no idea how to update that. Maybe in relying on SDfat lib, it would solve the issue.
Does anybody tried to use sdfat lib with this shield?

There are something about Music shield :http://www.seeedstudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3913
Maybe you could get something useful.

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Thanks, I missed that (I didn’t use Arduino 1.0 very often, I stick with 0022 at the moment).
I will try this because it seems that my sd card could work with SD library examples. I’ll post the results asap.

Unfortunaltely, no sd card support with this version.
I tried the SD library listfiles example and it works fine.
It’s probably just a matter of software, but I cannot go further.