Music shield recorder

Hey Guys,

I wanna make recoder using music shield + arduino mega 2560 but i used that tutorial on that web it doesn’t work.
Please help me. :bulb:

So maybe you have got a mistake or error , but could you show us more detailed information: such as what version of your music shield? And if your music shield is v2 , could you get the station as it said by step 4(4. Release the RESET button for a second and then release the multifunction button. At this point the music shield is beginning to record, the green indicator LED will blink.)? Thanks.


i used music shield v1, i used a program PlayWithName where u share with me it that possible to record with that program?

If you want to record music,you need refer to the instruction from our wiki:

No using any code for record?

yes , you don’t need any code for recording.

it don’t work i already try it
Hikz… what that problem ?

To record music tracks, I always use Joyoshare Screen Recorder. It lets me record any onscreen audio activity in high quality. I can skip unwanted parts, cut recording, edit ID3 tag, create task, customize parameters, etc. in the way I like. Anyway, it’s a flexible and versatile screen recorder.

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Can you share with me your record? I want to use it as suonerie gratis

Can made a record for my phone ringtones