Music shield random mode and dock power

Hello! I am trying to see if anyone out there can help me figure out some things.

I want to integrate a “random” mode on the playback of files on my music shield v 1.13. I wonder if I could hold down the vol up button at startup to enter this or some other method would be fine (commenting/ uncommenting code would be fine too for simplicity).

I also have not been able to powerup the shield or arduino via the dock connector as advertised. Am I missing something there? Please help if possible.


I have discovered on some Mac forums that the original Bose dock (the one I have) uses the “firewire pin” to charge/ power ipod while the newer ones use the “usb pin”. Does that offer any clue of what I could change in the code to get power on my dock? I don’t want to buy another dock as this one sounds great. As far as random mode, I will just periodically change the order of files on my sd and continue to learn about coding.
Please help!

I have confirmed the pin switch and ordered a Scosche passPORT home that adapts gen 1 Bose dock to current spec. I will post results.

So I am out of luck with the Bose dock I think…

About random track selection…

…could some modification of

PlayCurrentFile(); if (playingState == PS_PREVIOUS_SONG) currentFile--; if (playingState == PS_NEXT_SONG) currentFile++; if (currentFile==0) currentFile = 1; //if (playingState == PS_END_OF_SONG) playingState = PS_NORMAL; Mp3SoftReset();

or some other piece from the player.cpp in help to enter “Shuffle” mode?

I just want to have the option to cycle randomly if hold pause for two seconds.

Any ideas?


I think the random() should be used for the random mode. You may refer here: