music shield powered by dock

hello! I am curious to see if anyone has had the shield powered by the dock connector?
I have a bose dock and I can play music but still need external power. Also curious if the unit could possibly recognize the dock’s remote for advance tracks.


Yes, it can. But it can be remotely controlled only when it work with ATmega328 based Arduino board.
You can follow the instructions here:

Thanks Steve!
I have the music shield working.

It does not get power from my dock, but my ipod does. Any suggestions as far as modifying code?

The software has a line that says:

mySerial.begin(19200);// used for receiving command data from the iPod dock.

does that include power?

If you know a dock (make and model) that does in fact power the unit and the arduino please let me know.

As I said before, the dock I own powers my ipod but not the music shield or arduino.

I could not even get the shield to function properly on ANY arduino other than MEGA 1280. (I tried MEGA 2560, UNO, and Duemilanove also)

Please help.