Music Shield power requirements

Hi, I’m using Seeeduino v2.21(328P) with Music Shield and made it do what I need when powered by USB. Now it’s time to make it run off the battery. I’ve just tried connecting 4.5V battery pack without much success. Arduino board seems working, but SD card initialization is much slower, and then it gets stuck completely at reading the card.

What’s curious is that I scanned the Seeedstudio store for batteries and found about four of these, but all of them supply 3.3V at different amperage. That’s a bit confusing, because Arduino won’t even start at 3V for me.

Any suggestions / answers?


  • Aleks

Seeeduino can not be drove directly by 4.5V battery or power lower than 9V from the power port other than USB. So if you want to run it by battery, it’s better to use it with Li-Po Rider:


So, what you say is that I need 9V power source for that 2-pin white power port that’s near the reset button? I always thought it’s a 5V/3.3V device.

(What’s strange is that Seeeduino seems working from 4.5V, but not Music Shield.)


Yes, you are right. Though it can work with 4.5V battery sometime, but it can not work steadily, especially when it drive power consuming device e.g MicroSD card.


Thanks Steve. I’ll try 9V today. Hope it won’t fry the board. :slight_smile: