Music Shield - play file in subfolder?

Is it possible to play a file that is not in the root folder of the SD card?

If I put an mp3 file (“test.mp3”) into the root of the card, then it will play fine using the PlayWithName example.
However, if I put it into a folder (“test/test.mp3”), it will not play. The serial monitor shows no output.

Is this possible, or must all the files be stored in the root?

the files need to be put to root for the current library. the firmware mays needs modification to put the files in subfolder. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you. I will stop trying to figure it out and move all my files to the card root.

I have another question; is it possible to control 2 Music Shields using only 1 Arduino? I have 2 Music Shields and would like to trigger 2 sounds to play simultaneously from a single sketch.