Music Shield not playing

I have recently purchased some Music Shields and they are not working at all.

The Music Shields boards are versions 1.2 and 1.3

I have tried software version 1.14 with Arduino version 022 and version 1.2 with Arduino version 1.0

The both version of the software were installed and compiled according to the instructions in your Wiki according to each Arduino version

With the Arduino 022 version it was tried using Arduino UNO R2 and Arduino R3 boards

With the Arduino 1.0 version it was tried using Arduino UNO R2, Arduino R3 and Arduino Mega 2560 boards

SD cards of 2Gb and 128Mb were tried, both non HD types.

The SD cards were tested formatted using both FAT 16 and FAT32

Various MP3s were tried at various bitrates

The problem is the same with all tests. The green light of the Music Shield is lit but does not blink. No other light is working. All the buttons are unresponsive, and no music is playing.

Opening a serial monitor window does not display anything at all.

I would greatly appreciate some support to resolve that issue as I have multiple Music Shields that are totally useless right now as they are totally unresponsive and do not play music.

Hi there,

The rocker which is the middle one on the music shield you also pass down?Then not thing happen?

Do you upload perfect with the demo code?

The rocker turn right is next song and left is turn over again, but pass down is play music.

Best regards,


Dear Yuri,

The code was compiled and installed as explained in the Wiki and it compiles and uploads with no error.

The rocker does not do anything. If I press it nothing happens. If I push it left or right nothing happens. In all case the green light stays steadily lit.

I have also just tested with a version 1.1 board as I found out I had one too. It is doing exactly the same thing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Do you have some mp3 files that are know to work properly as this is the only thing that I cannot isolate as I do not know what should work.


Hi JLPaquin,

I noticed that your last comment is exactly three months ago.

Does that means that you have solved the problem?

I am facing the identical problem right now.

Any idea how to solve it?

Thanks! :!:

Hi there:

I fllow the wiki,try the Demo 1,for the Demo 1,there has some notic,when you are download the Music and uncompress it under the arduino-1.0 lib floder, then do not download the Demo 2 's lib,just say Music v1.2 and MusicShieldNewSDLib can not be in the same Lib floder.

After that,I open the example,and download it to my Arduino UNO R3,the first time,it do not work,just like yours,green light is light,not blink,red light is not light.And then,I turn of the power,and plug the USB Cable in again.It;s work,palying the nice music.

You can try it.

I am having the same exact problem. I installed everything exactly as in the wiki, and the green light just stays on and no music. Clearly there is a problem, is this many people have the same issue, and does SeeedStudio even respond to these issues!!? I am ready to just return the damn thing.

Hi kyosho01,

I solved my problem with my friend’s help.

Know what he did? He just changed to use a better/faster microSD card and everything is working perfectly now.

U might want to try it too.

Hope it helps you :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Greetings and salutations. This is my first post.

I just got a Seeedstudio Music Shield a couple of days ago. I have it plugged into an Arduino Uno and have been trying to compile the example programs.

I have gotten the following errors:

This error is from MusicPlayWithName:

This error is from MusicPlayRandomly:

This error is from MusicPlayAlll:

I have searched the content I downloaded and unziped and the term ‘traverseDir’ does not show up so it is no wonder that it is not found.

So can anyone help me get this running?


I am also getting these errors for the Demo 2 sketch called “MusicPlayWithName.ino”, using Arduino 1.01:

/Arduino/libraries/MusicShieldNewSDLib/player.cpp: In function ‘int playFile()’:

/Arduino/libraries/MusicShieldNewSDLib/player.cpp:136: error: ‘listoffset’ was not declared in this scope

/Arduino/libraries/MusicShieldNewSDLib/player.cpp:137: error: ‘indexlist’ was not declared in this scope

Looking at the code, it certainly does appear that these variables are never defined. Has anyone gotten Demo 2 sketches to work? The Demo 1 sketch “musicPlayAll.ino” works just fine on my hardware.

Dear todicus

Here is something you might notice:the MusicShieldNewSDLib can’t co-exist with MusicPlayer_v1_7 or other versions,so you would delete others within libraries.The same to Fat16.

Might those would be helpful to you.

Best Regards


Thanks for the response, Jacket. I did remove Music_v1_7, as well as Music_v1_2. I also grabbed Fat16 directly from google code. Still getting the same error. Where are the variables “listoffset” and “indexlist” defined?


I am also having the same troubles, I can’t get any other demo apart from Demo 1 to work, the one that plays all the files. I am trying to find out what libraries actually work for playing and individual file. Seems like many people are having trouble it geeting these shields to work following the wiki instructions. Just to make it more confusing there is this wiki site too? It is rather confusing all this and I don’t normally have any troubles in getting products from SeeedStudio working.


I have added a attachment,you would delete your older files about Fat16 and MusicPlayer…first(attention please:delete files but not overlay files), and then,unzip the attachment to your Arduino libraries(Fat16 and MusicShieldNewSDLib).

Open MusicPlayWithName demo,you need be care of the name of your song


I followed the post exactly and deleted the libraries required and the unziped the new libraries into the correct location. I started again with a fresh Arduino 1.0.2 install and these are the only two libraries I have added. I now get a compile error like below.

In file included from MusicPlayWithName.ino:39:

C:\Users\jeremy.PSY\Dropbox\arduino-1.0.2\libraries\MusicShieldNewSDLib/newSDLib.h:28: error: ‘SdCard’ does not name a type

C:\Users\jeremy.PSY\Dropbox\arduino-1.0.2\libraries\MusicShieldNewSDLib/newSDLib.h:29: error: ‘Fat16’ does not name a type

To update my previous post, I can now get the example to complie the issue seems to be is that the Fat16 Library zip file has a nested folder inside called FAT16Demo2 which needs to be extracted out properly.

The code now compiles but it still does not play the one song I have on the SD card with the exact same name as in the code. The green LED is on solid.



Dear jeremy6

I’m Glad that the problem is solving step by step. And the terminal is coming… :slight_smile:

You compile the program without errors but the music still can’t be played,so you should:

  1. format your SD Card

    2)make sure that the type of your music, mp3、wma or wav,and check name of music again. If the name is BigBoom and the type is mp3,the demo will be modified

    /demo change/


    /demo end/

    Hope those can be solved your problem.

    Best Regards



I have checked that many times already that the name of the file on the card matches the name in the sketch. I see I am not the only one who can’t get the code to work to play a single file by hame. Not sure what to do now, it’s not much use without being able to play individual track, has limited funtionalilty. Has anyone managed to make the shield work with any of the demo code apart from the Demo 1 which does work?

I’m sorry that i make a big mistake, the libraries i gave you is refer to Demo 2,but you want to play music with name through Demo 1.

Please delete your libraries about Demo 2(Fat16 and MusicShieldNewSDLib)first,because the libraries of Fat16 between Demo 1 and Demo2 is different. and then download the following liraries.

Best Regards


My first Seed product and I’m less than impressed with what I’ve seen so far let’s hope this can be changed.

I’ve spent quite a while tonight working with what I’ve seen in this thread with no success. I’m using the following method although I’ve gotten both to compile and load :

Method 2: Use Fat16 library

This method will use an open source library Fat16 library. There are two sketches in this demo: Using MusicPlayRandomly sketch, you can make the music play randomly.And using MusicPlayWithName, you can specify which song to be played by name.(Note: The demo can’t co-exist with demo 1 in the libraries)

Make sure there are songs in the micro sd card.

Download and Fat16_lib for music shield.

[Under Linux] Copy libraries/Fat16/Fat16util.h to libraries/Fat16/Fat16Util.h (note util vs Util). The includes have the wrong case and this is easiest workaround.

Uncompress these two packages and put them in Arduino-1.0 program: …\arduino-1.0\libraries

Select the corresponding Arduino board, like Arduino UNO or Duemilanove or others.

[Ignore this if under Linux] Download a new portpins.h file and replace the default portpins.h file of Arduino-1.0 program: …\arduino-1.0\hardware\tools\avr\avr\include\avr

Run the arduino program compile and upload the sketch of MusicShieldNewSdLib into Arduino board.

  • my sd is formated to FAT32
  • I know the file name I’m using in play by name demo matches my file (2.wav)
  • Arduino Uno
  • IDE 1.0.1

    I see the following in the serial monitor indicating that the program is running but consistently fails when trying to use the provided library to access the card / file:

    err failed

    SD error: 2error: open file failed

    SD error: 2error: open file failed

    SD error: 2error: open file failed

    SD erroerror: card.init failed

    SD error: 2error: open file failed

    SD error: 2error: open file failed

    SD error: 2error: open file failed

    SD error: 2error: open file failed

    SD error: 2error: open file failed

    SD error: 2error: open file failed

    SD error: 2error: open file failed

    … SD error: 2error: open file failed continues forever…

    Any lead on what might be the issue here?

Anybody from Seeed going to offer info? I’m just going to return the damn thing to the store and build a wav shield if I don’t get it working in the next day or two and I’ll be sure to tell the sales reps of my experience.