music shield - music 1.14 problems

Hy @ all

i spent the last 2 days on my newly bought music shield v.1.13 and to get it working with my arduino duemilanove. After several fails i finally get it to work with the music 1.14 example sketch…
Now to my problem…at the moment it just plays all songs on the sd cart…but i want to add 2 sensors to the board which should toggle through a library with a few songs (maybe in a seperate folder on the sd cart) so each sensor should get its own range of songs when they´re activated…maybe it would be a help to solve that if i would be able to jump to a specific file but the playFile command always causes problems while compiling:

music.cpp: In function void loop ():
music:47 error: playfile was not declared in this scope

i already tried a few older versions…but they always run into errors while compiling just the demo code…so i thought i should stay with the working 1.14 but every help would be appreciated!!!