Music Shield multiple file playback

Hi, I was just wondering if it were possible to use the Music Shield to play multiple files at one time that are on the MicroSD card?
If so, where might I begin to edit the code?

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PS. I sincerely appreciate the Music Shield board as well as the example code given in the Wiki. Thank you!

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For now our music shield was design basis Arduino 0023 IDE or libraries.
So that version is not allow to realize the function what you said, but in Arduino 1.0 it is change.
So play multiple files would be possible, if we design new one in hardware.

Anyway, can you tell us why you want to play like this, for example?
Or any reason to let us know, how to use, which situation you’d want to play with?
Give us more reason, that would more helpful for our new product.

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I am trying to design a physical interface (a bench, door, table, etc.) that both records sounds from its surrounding environment as well as plays those sounds (and others) back through interacting with the object. It is supposed to be a social object thus allowing many people to interact with it at the same time. I was using Max/MSP and Processing (two different attempts, not at the same time) to process audio while using the Arduino to deal with the sensors, but I wanted something that did not require a full laptop to be built into the interface - like the music shield.

Example, 5 sonar sensors controlling the playback of 5 different files stored on the SD card - each one controlling volume of that specific track.

Thanks again.

Hi there,

Your project is very interesting.
As our seeeduino also prepare some project which is funny or let some guys interest on Opensource Hardware.

If so, after your finish your project, we are very love to you to share with us, may be on the blog or other something to publicize and so on. Some photo, picture or video like a hacker.

Anyway, you project must to consider the MCU speed, can it play 5 file in the same time?Because we never test it before.

But now, music shield can’t do that but you can use Stalker with some sensor and use Grove to play and realize your idea.

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So I can use this: … ?cPath=138

with this: … ?cPath=190

Would you be able to elaborate a little bit as to how I would do this?
Thank you for your help, and I will be sure to update with any progress I make in this project.

Hi dear,

The stalker better to use the latest version, but it is up to you.

Anyway, there are compatible with each other but we haven’t have any example for your project.
Another thing is base board can supply 5v to sensors but if you use some sensor to receive analog voltage it just only can read 3.3V to the chip.

So it depend how you use it.

Hope can help you.

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I would also like to be able to trigger multiple files simultaneously.

I have several mono MP3 files on my SD card; several “background” sounds and other “foreground” sounds.
All my background MP3 files use only the left channel. All my foreground MP3 files use only the right channel.

I would like to be able to play a background mp3 file over the left stereo output. Then occasionally play a foreground mp3 file over the right stereo output while the background mp3 is still playing.

Is this possible?

Dear customer,

Sorry you can’t do that. The MCU is not fast enough to play 2 sound in a time.

Perhaps you should mix them first.

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Maybe you can pre-mix all the combinations of foreground and background sounds into separate files and play those back as needed.

Is it possible to play back two files simultaneously with the Music Shield 2.0 now?

I believe that OGG files use less CPU than MP3, and using mono files rather than stereo would help too. Maybe there is a way to start playing a mono OGG through the left channel, then start playing a different mono OGG through the right channel?