Music Shield latest (20120619) library won't play

I can get the Music library v1.2 working on my Arduino Uno Arduino 1.0.1 IDE and Music Sheild, but I want the ability to play specific songs on the SD card. That ability is available in v1.7 of the library, unfortunately it does not work with my board. I have Music Shield v1.2 and a Arduino Uno R3. I am using the example code in the libraries. The most up to date one is the one marked 20120619.

I saw this comment on the product page, tried it but it didn’t change anything

I have tried pressing all the buttons, no response. There are no green or red LEDs lighting up, while on lib v1.2 they did. I’ve tried plugging the shield into different microcontrollers, still no different results. Also lib v1.2 is the only library that has been able to produce sound of any kind, I’ve even tried using old versions of Arduino IDE to try them and still only v1.2 works on Arduino 1.0 IDE

Hi there ,
This library is unfinished , and our engineer still not write some information for it on wiki .
Please ignore it, we will update it in a time.