Music Shield - Card Find Error

I recently (today) purchased a SeeedStudio Music Shield for use with my Arduino 2560 Mega R1. When I loaded up the example musicPlayAll and an SD card formatted in FAT 32 using the wikis Method 1 the program hung on initializing the file system. Then I tried Method 2 and that had errors loading the files, so I uncommented the debug in Method 1 and got the following result:

(I added more to find where it was hanging)

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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I forgot to mention, with the default SD example it read the card fine and listed its contents, perhaps its and issue with the SS pin? Don’t know where to change that in code

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  1. Please notice the red words:The library of Method 1 is not the same as the library of Method 2.When you use Method 1, make sure that there is no the library of Method 2 in… Arduino-1.0\ libraries. In other words, when you use one of the methods, ensure you have removed the library files of another method.Delete and coverage is not the same, so make sure your operation is deleting instead of overwriting.

The libraries of Method 1 is totally different from libraries 2.

2)Maybe you SD Card can’t fit our Music Shield.

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I guess I didn’t say that as clearly as I could. I loaded the libraries for method 1, tested that, found it didn’t work. Then i deleted the libraries from method 1, loaded the libraries from method 2, and found it didn’t even compile for my board (i think it was due to a broken definition). After that i deleted the method 2 libraries, loaded the method 1 libraries, turned on debugging, Googled it, THEN i posted here.

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  1. u can download the attachments, and have a try,whether it is ok?

2)if not, please change for a another SD Card

3)if it is still not solved, please show us the picture or data while u r programming
Libraries (62.8 KB)
Libraries (72.7 KB)

It must just be a bug somewhere in the definitions for a Mega. Since the example libraries only support MMC I decided that rather than debug them I’d just adapt a library that supports full SD, SDHC and SDXC. Rodan’s playa library works well, and I finally get to hear my shield working!


P.S. When I finish adapting it to the Seeedstudio Music Shield I’ll post the code for anyone else who has problems with Mega’s and this shield

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Just for the sake of keeping my progress up to date

I will really only be working on this during weekends. Attached is a sketch and the required libraries to just get the music shield working. It is poorly coded but works reliably. It doesn’t even have controls :laughing: but is compatible with SD, SDHC and SDXC (up to 2TB) and works with the Mega.

EDIT: I said poorly coded, it may be ONLY Mega compatible. UPDATE: Since the SD library handles SPI, it should be fully compatible with all arduinos using the default music shield pin out.

My goal is to create a library that is:

  • Simple
  • Compatible with all Arduinos
  • SD, SDHC and SDXC Compatible - Complete (128 KB)

hey shayneyb,

I have tried following your post along with a ton of other posts on this site. I keep having issues with my Music Shield. I am trying to use a 4gb SD card formatted for Fat32. I have 2 songs on it in 8.3 filename format (not sure if that helps).

I get nothing but occasional static. The weird thing is there are no lights on the shield, just a random blinking TX light on the arduino.

I am using an Arduino Uno ide 1.0.2. If i look at the serial monitor is just keeps saying “Invalid format, reformat SD.” I have formatted it several times in different fat32 settings.

I am using your MusicLibrary that you posted and it does not seem to be working. I am hoping that I am missing something easy or silly and that my shield is not broken.


Edit: I got the SD to at least get read by changing the SPI speed to HALF, but now it just cycles through all the songs (See screenshot). I restart the Arduino several times and once I got it to play with no controls.

Any thoughts?

I think its an issue with how the shield resets itself. Whenever I reset mine i end up holding the button for about 1-2sec to be sure it resets. if it played once then it means your shield isn’t broken (that’s the whole reason i started this, thought mine was). I personally have been using OGG files. I don’t know if adding the patch for the vs1053b will help but that’s not in there yet. Try seeing if a long reset will help, ill look through the program for any possible issues.

YAY! Doing something I myself hate.

Yes, I’m resurrecting this thread. I had a lot going on and haven’t been developing the port, but now i have free time and am going to start work again. Expect a new release in about a week

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