Music Shield and Wiznet Ethernet shield

Hi there,

I have just received the following items from Seeed Studio

(1) Music Shield (INT109B2P)
(2) Wiznet Ethernet shield -w5100 (ARD124B2P)

Are these two boards compatible to each other?
How can I joint them together onto an Arduino MEGA board?

Please help.

You can try to weld Female header on the Wiznet Ethernet shield.Hope this help to you.

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thanks deray
It sounds to me I can put Ethernet shield on the MEGA, then MUSIC shield on the Ether shield. Is it?
Is it fine for not connecting ISP (6pin::MISO\SCK\RST\VCC\HOSI\GND) to Music Shield??
Thanks again!

Yes,it is.
ISP interface is kept for bringing SPI port when using with Mega , so you should be connected it to MEGA ISP .

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hi deray

If both Music Shield and Wiznet Ethernet shield need ISP interface for talking to MEGA,
When I joint these two shield together, will it cause conflicts???


yeah,you can joint these two shield together. but you must change the on of the D10 (Used for SPI Chip , because both of them use the same chip