Music Shield and PIR sensor

Hi people, I wish you can help me with this.

I need to do the classic PIR Alarm, for an installation. PIR sensor detect people and Music shield play the sound.

The music shield works perfect with sample code 1.13 music. PIR works perfect alone.

But the Play (), function and the File system seems to kill the PIR and any other input output program. As I test with the classic blink program.

I can’t put any code that works.

Anyone had face this problem and how it solved.

As I all I need is the easy if conditional of if PIR is HIGH play else nothing.

But inputs don’t work with music sample.

Any idea, code or advise please. It’s very easy but I can’t do it. As the code I try to mix is the music 1.13 example and the ideas of … Alarm/72/1

Could you tell us about your hardware connection?