Music Shield and libraries not cooperating

I recently got myself a music Shield. Went on over to the wiki page ( and tried out some libraries. Demo 1 works great, demo 2 not so much. My main goal is to be able to play a track when a button is pressed. the example in demo 2 does not work, it will upload, but not work. Then I saw at the bottom of the wiki under resources was a link to Libraries_for_Music_Shield_20120619.
This also had an example sketch with a ‘play a specific track’ sketch. It also failed. I saw another post on here that was having the same issues but was never answered.
I am in the exact situation as these guys…
Can someone please help???

I’m sorry that the demo can’t be compiled any more,and we’ll modify it soon.
Thank you for your attention.

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Thank you so much for the reply! Please let me know when it has been fixed, i am on a deadline for a school project.

I’m having the same issue. I have not been able to find any resources on how to resolve the problem with compiling. The fact i spent $30 and i can’t get it to work because of a software problem is a little frustrating.

Tell me about it!!! I originally had ordered a rugged audio shield, but when I saw this one at Radioshack for 15 bucks cheaper I thought, whats the diff? I’ll just get it now and cancel my order with the others guys, save myself time and money. Money, yes, time? NOPE. I spent hours picking through all those libraries trying to find the issue. Problem is I’m not at the level to fix them yet… Worst part? This is for a school project. So if its not fixed soon I’m re-ordering a rugged and takin this crap back. Hopefully they can pull together and provide software that actually compiles.

Hi,Dear all
I’m sorry for updating so late…
We have updated our wiki just now,you might download the Fat16_lib again.
Attention please: the MusicShieldNewSDLib can’t co-exist with MusicPlayer_v1_7 or other versions,so you would delete others within libraries.The same to Fat16.
If your question is still exited,that’s might the problem of your SD Card.The following picture of SD Card maybe incompatible.You could change another SD Card,and our SD Card is compatible.
Hope they might be helpful to you.

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Hey hey! It compiles.
Well I spoke too soon… It compiles now but it won’t play my file. I upload MusicPlayWithName and just get a steady green light. I upload MusicPlayRandomly and it only plays the first song over and over. I can pause and resume and set volume but not skip songs. It is not my SD, it worked great for your other library with the MusicPlayAll sketch. Formatted to FAT 16, updated my FAT16 library. All the songs are in the root directory. Whats the deal??? Thank you so much for responding and fixing that compile issue btw.
Hey eric, are you able to get it to work??

If you get a steady green light or it plays a song over and over ,that’s means you should choose a way between two possible plans.

  1. Please check up your songs’ type , MP3 or WMA? If all are included , you might add a instructions to your program.
    /demo MusicPlayRandomly/
    #include <Arduino.h>
    #include <avr/io.h>
    #include “config.h”
    #include “player.h”
    #include “vs10xx.h”

#include <Fat16.h>
#include <Fat16Util.h>
#include “newSDLib.h”

void setup()





if (!initialSDCard())

RED_LED_ON();//light red LED

void loop()
file.traverseDir(“MP3”);//find all the .mp3 files in the root directory.
while(1)playFile(); //shuffle your music you find in the root directory of SD card.
/* demo end*/

  1. Your SD Card is uncompatible , so you might change it or use our SD Card instead of it.
    Our SD Card Page:™-card-2gb-p-546.html?cPath=178_182

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Yeah the SD card is totally compatable, it plays songs in MusicPlayRandomly, and it plays all three formats. It still just gives me a steady green light on MusicPlayWithName and no audio…

As far as i know, it’s the problem of your SD Card if without any other compiled errors. You might use other SD Card instead of it in such a situation.
But why not choose the other way? Demo-1? Might your SD Card can work well uner demo-1.

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Does demo 1 have a function that allows you to play a specific file? If so I’m game. Yes the SD card worked fine in demo 1.

what about PlayCurrentFile()? Im not sure how use it though, I put in PlayCurrentFile(“test.wma”) but it says ‘PlayCurrentFile’ was not declared in this scope’.

Demo-1 have a very different library function from demo-2, and demo-1 can’t play a special file.
The only way you can choose is change type of SD Card so far.

OK ill give it a try, but my files play with the other libraries and demos…

Hi can some one please give me clear instructions on what i need to do inorder to compile the code and get this thing to work… Why is everything so confusing?!?

which demo are you trying to use? The second one compiles now, you just need to re-download it and fat16 again, then extract to C:\users\you\documents\arduino-1.0.1\libraries. make sure you replace your portpins.h too. It should compile. After that, well, your screwed. I cannot get it to work with my uno or mega. I will upload MusicPlayWithName and it does nothing. As for the other example it just plays the first song on card over and over again, so shuffling.

Ok so I went and got another card, same issues. Please try it and see if it works for you, maybe I got 2 bad cards… Hope this helps. Good luck

You can only use our SD Card at present if using demo-2.
Our SD Card Home Page:™-card-2gb-p-546.html?cPath=178_182
And the good news is that the latest version of Music Shield is coming(multifunctional and more simply).And let’s hope it is.
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Do you have an exact date when the new library is coming out? I’m on a deadline for a school project so it would be nice to know.

Accroding to the news i got just now, we’ll put the Music Shield 2.0v on sale in ten days.