Music shield and large SD card ?


I’ve been trying to get the music shield going with a Sandisk 4GB MicroSD HC card and the demo music.pde sketch. Have run into a few issues.

It never gets past the InitFileSystem() call in setup(). A few Serial.println() calls added revealed the following:

(using downloaded from the google code site today)

  1. line 171 of mmc.cpp has an unnecessary line “i–” which effects a “count down by 2” instead of 1 and also keeps it looping forever since it never hits 0 and loops around at -1.
  2. the call to MmcCommand on line 38 of mmc.cpp never returns anything other than 0xFF. It loops forever in RebootMmc.

Is the 4GB card too big ? I’ve verified that it’s a FAT16 partition and formatted with Fat16 filesystem. I’ve used 8.3 filenames to be 100% sure … no dice, the Mmc never boots successfully.

Please advise.



Some further info:

Still no luck. Is there some jumper needed to enable the sd card or something ?

Just tried to use the Fat16Lib sketches on the card - both Fat16info and Fat16ls fail.

I’ve used this same card in an Ethernet shield MicroSD port before and it worked fine, so I’m a little reticent to believe it’s a bad card but rather a pin mapping issue or something.

The SPI chip-select pin for the VS1053 seems to be pin A3 on the arduino. Does that mean I need to pull it high/low before being able to grant the sdcard exclusive control over the SPI bus on arduino pins 10-13 ?

Any hints ? Would have thought the demo application would run a hell of a lot more smoothly than this.

I have had the best luck with an Arduino mega 1280 and 2 GB microSD card. (Mega 1280 allows for recording too) You say the card in question is HC? That may be the problem. I think microSD are HC above 2GB and that compression might be the issue.

What is your setup (Arduino Model and version of IDE?) Are you only in need of more than 2GB?
I have also had glitches with my current setup freezing and refusing to play some files with recommended media.

I would love to get the demo code to run better on anything other than a mega too.

Does your setup work with 2GB or smaller card?

My current setup does not care if microSD is formatted or not and file names don’t matter (8.3).
When I tried the duemilanove, I was able to get it to play, but I had to address specific track names including extension in the software. I will try to find that if needed.

Post your demo code and I’ll try it and see what I get.
Good Luck


Thanks for replying.

Compression isn’t likely related, since the card won’t even boot. That said, the HC may involve some necessarily different card initialization process, which fails when a standard initialization is attempted.

Also I confirmed that the same card worked on the ethernet shield’s SD card reader with this:

Don’t specifically need that much space, it’s just hard to buy a card smaller than 4gb in akihabara at the moment :slight_smile:

Thanks again,