Music Shield alternative Breakout Board

Hi All,

I’ve just started to work on Arduino projects and i’m pretty excited about it.
Right now i’ve completed my first project to discover Arduino world.
I’ve used Music Shield v2 to play MP3 files from the SD card.

In my next project i want to create something similiar with different products.
My aim is to save some space so i am thinkin on using Breakout Board solutions for internals and smaller arduinos like micro.

So, my first question would be can i use VS1053 Breakout Board from sparkfun with an another SD Card product for my purpose ? I am using a modified version of MusicPlayer library to play MP3 files.

My second question would be are there any suggestion for my intention ?

Best regards.

Yes, you can have a try. Pls pay attention to the chip select pin of SD card and VS1053B. They can’t working in the same time.