Music Shield 1.0 doesn't work.

I’m having a trouble playing a music with music shield 1.0. I can’t compile or got an error when program is running with two examples, which are on wiki page. The arduino that i’m currently using is 1.0.5. The exact situations are followed as below.

demo 1. use sd library

C:\Users\admin\Desktop\Arduino 1.0.5\arduino-1.0.5\libraries\music_player/vs10xx.h:68: error: expected class-name before ‘{’ token

Demo 2: Use Fat16 library

It compiles without an error. However, runtime error occurs.

error: Fat16::init

I have no idea why on earth this kind of errors occurs. Please help me… FYI, the sd card is 2gb.

hey , please download this attachment and have a try.

Note: Please delete all libraries about Music first. (90.1 KB)

I got only demo2 to compile, but it wouldn’t play mp3s.
Remove library for v1 as well as fat16, and download library for V2. V2 worked great on my music shield v 1.7