Multiple XIAO nRF52840 to ESP32 BLE/WiFi Gateway

Hello everyone.

I made a ADXL345 and ESP32 vibration system for predictive maintainance, using a simple wifi router to connect it to a cloud server.

Now I want to use the XIAO nRF52840 with it’s accelerometer integrated. The problem is the communication is BLE. So, I have some questions:

1.- Somebody made an ESP32 BLE to WiFi gateway for XIAO nRF52840 ?.

2.- If the question 1 is yes, It’s posible to make a multiple XIAO nRF52840 simultaneus BLE communication to a unique ESP32 BLE/WiFi Gateway?.

3.- There are commercial BLE to WIFI gateway compatible and ready to use for XIAO nRF52840 ?


Hi there,
Well I 'll go in reverse,
3) No AFAIK, but your mobile device is Such an Item

Internet<---->Router<---->WIFI,<—>BLE<—>Xiao also if setup correctly
or >internet<—>Mobile<—>BLE,<—>Xiao.

  1. Yes currently you can connect 2 peripherals to one central with bluefruit over BLE.
  2. NO. afaik, But doesn’t mean you can’t be the first. :smile:
    GL :slight_smile: PJ
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The issue you will have with the ESP32 as both the BLE scanner and Wifi Gateway is that the ESP32 uses the same radio for both & as you scale up the number of BLE devices you will have problems.

For my BLE to Wifi gateway I ended up using a nrf52840 as the scanner, then sending the data to the ESP32 via serial. In this way the XIAO is scanning for BLE & the ESP is focused on Wifi and logging to SD card in my case.

If you don’t want to roll you own, Minew make a G1 BLE to Wifi Gateway for $US65


Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for the feedback Dave.

or just get a grove sensor and use a XIAO ESP32