multiple VL53L0X with Arduino


I’d like to use four VL53L0X with one Arduino.

I understand that my 4 VL53L0X have the same I2C adress so I need to change the adresses to identify.

I tried to use the VL53L0X_SetDeviceAddress from the vl53l0x_api.h but I did’nt find a reliable solution.

The documentation says “Programmable I2C address” so it should be possible to set this address.

(Link to the VL53L0X devices I purchase : <LINK_TEXT text=“ … r-VL53L0X/”></LINK_TEXT> )

Could you help me set the multiple communication between one Arduino and several VL53L0X?

looking forward to hearing from you


Hi Maëlle,

please use the softwarei2c function as below link. thanks.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ser_guide/”></LINK_TEXT>