Multiple Ultrasonic Sensors

Hi All,

I read about the Grove system yesterday thanks to The Register, and I’ve been looking round for such a modular system for a while. We’ve been trying to work out the most efficent way of measuring the footfall through the doors at work, and it occurs to me that I could utilise a pair of ultrasonic sensors to detect if someone is coming in, or going out of, the door.

However looking at the documentation, it says to use D4 on the grove board to connect the ultrasonic board - is that fixed as having to be D4, or can I have one on D4 and another on D3 or similar?

I’d be looking at the range on each of the sensors and whichever trips first would indicate the direction of travel.

Any help would be appreciated before I go off spending large sums of money on prototyping this!


Yes, you can connect another ultrasonic sensor in D3 and in D4 provided you make changes in the program also.

Please let us know if you have any other queries.



is it also possible to put the 2 sensors on D4, using a Grove Logic Gate?

Yes you can use two sensors with the help of logic gate.

definetly you can use the two sensor d1 and d3 with the help of logic gates you can use robomart